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Couples Home Pages
NEW! URLs to the home pages of the couples who make up the Queer Internet.

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·Bronski: Shove, the second time around
·Topeka rejects anti-discrimination law
·Gay spiritual activists move to home across street from Falwell
·PA borough bans gay discrimination
·Victory Fund lauds gay, lesbian winners in September primaries
·Narrow victory for gay rights in Miami-Dade
·Boston city councilor asks BU chancellor to reinstate gay group
·South Africa`s gays target marriage
·South African gays can adopt children
·Canadian justice minister wants public hearings on gay marriage
·HRC comments on September 11 anniversary
·Early returns in Miami show voters upheld gay rights amendment
·NGLTF demands investigation of apparent voter fraud in Florida
·Signorile: Vatican stealth mode
·Sept. 11: `A time to mourn, then start to recover`
·Gay partner of 9/11 victim to be at California bill signing
·Taylor: A very good memory
·Rethinking the LAPD: The Rainbow Badge
·Group offers stylebook on gay terminology
Two gay men, domestic partners, from Minneapolis, MN.
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Alan Steve`s Playroom - Gay Couple, Gay Father, Step-Father
loving relationship, 2 men, bears, gay activism, history, politics, controversies, advice. Support for coming out, durable gay relationships, gay political activism, promoting gay visibility & humor...
See Also: Men`s Home Pages
Brian + Bryon`s Gay Garden: What`s with this Saskatoon couple?
Brian & Bryon - their queer thoughts, articles, hot sites, bookmarks, HIV/AIDS Memorial, Education Issues, Free Gallery with 150+ hot men, images to dress up your website or desktop, the original Guide to Gay Saskatoon, active guestbook, coming out...
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1st Partnership --Denmark
the life and struggle of Danish gay couple Axel and Eigil Axgil, the first same sex couple in the world ever to get married. LIST OF PARTNERSHIP COUNTRIES - VENNEN : PARTNERSHIP NEWS - THE DANISH PARTNERSHIP LAW - LINKS - LETTERS...
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The Huzbears Webring: for Bear Couples. Is a way for gay bears to find out ablout the lives/relationships that we have. With over 160 websites of bear couples.
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Our Marriage - Andrew and Mano
A personal story of affection and activism.
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Wes Tom`s Cool Site!
A gay male couple with AIDS hears from a fundamentalist aunt that her nephew`s lover was not invited to the family reunion, and thus ensued the letter wars, during which Wes provides excellent information for everyone...
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On these pages youll find, among other things, Links, information about our local World Aids Day , About Ourselves and the book Lasses V r ( Lasses Spring ). The book Lasses V r is a story about being HIV-positive and gay. Lars has written this book, w...
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A BEAR WEBPAGE More Heart of Texas Bears pictures!! & This time, It`s Raining Bears! Right here in Austin!& The HOT Bears decided to eexpose our fur to save their fur and had a fundraiser for Animal Trustees of Austin ... and to our amazement, one of the...
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MadKats a kewl kitty korner
Multimedia Showcase and Resources for the Artful: books,shockwave,flash,photos and geek links to make your own, plus Drag King, Tranny and Queer spheres...
See Also: Drag Kings, Internet Services, Women`s Home Pages

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